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Kashmir; Paradise under million troops

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Every year, on 5th February, Kashmir Solidarity Day is celebrated in Pakistan, the Indian-Occupied Kashmir, and New York state to show solidarity with the Kashmiris. Kashmir is under siege since the partition when the Indian government suspended the constitution and placed this state under direct military rule. Eight decades are about to end but the Indian administration is yet to take any serious decision regarding the future of the Jammu and Kashmir region.

Kashmir; Paradise under million troops

Since the last couple of years, India has taken many inhuman steps. Seems like the current Indian government is in panic after a shameful defeat in the Ladakh region near the LAC border. Some of these steps included the revocation of article 370, imposition of a year-long curfew, turning off mobile & internet services, deployment of a million troops and jailing of political leaders.

Pakistan carried out a successful cross-border naval operation "Operation Swift Retort" in Occupied territory. This created political tensions between both nations although Pakistan released the arrested IAF wing commander "Abhinandan Varthaman" as a peace gesture. The BJP government passed a controversial bill in Parliament to make their election campaign successful. India revocated Article 370 in the Occupied Jammu & Kashmir. It was decided by the government to divide Kashmir into three Union Territories. This controversial bill resulted in state-wide protests in IOJ&K. Many young leaders and separatist politicians were jailed. India deployed more than one million military personnel making J&K the biggest jail on the planet. A curfew was imposed in the valley which lasted more than one and a half years. Later, internet services were restricted to 2G.

The deployment of more than 1 million troops (other than police and security officers) to control the 12 million population was an extremely large deployment of military forces. However, it was illogical to deploy such a large number of military forces when the true threat to the government was civil unrest and protests that continued despite these efforts.

There is a long list of irresponsibilities by the Indian government regarding Kashmir in the past. India agreed to the United Nations Security Council Resolution 47 which declared the referendum as the only possible solution of Jammu & Kashmir. It was decided to give Kashmiris the right to choose. Indian government agreed with all three points of the resolution at the moment but no further step has been taken yet. India is sure of losing the region if conducted any fair referendum.

As of 5th February 2022, thousands of local women have been raped by the Indian military personnel, hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris have been killed in fake insurgencies, thousands have been jailed, and many are still missing.

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