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US invites Pakistan and other countries to summit on Democracy

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 US President J. Biden invites Pakistan and other countries to the summit on Democracy. This is a welcome development. It is an opportunity to strengthen democratic practices in the world. It is important to have a positive and forward-looking response to the President’s initiative. The summit should be seen as an opportunity to learn from each other and improve practices, not just to reaffirm existing agreements.

China and Turkey are not invited to the summit. This is not because they are not democratic, but because they are not in sync with the current policy of the US government. China is the rival of democratic principles while and Turkey on the other hand had created troubles for the Western block despite being a NATO ally.
The invitation of Taiwan may also create a political issue in the capital Beijing. China has yet not moved from its claim over Taiwan. The US has not recognized Taiwan as an independent sovereign country but is keeping close ties from the beginning.
Pakistan and Iran's administration reacted to the invitation of Israel. Israel is not a fully recognized UN member. Its independence and sovereignty are also objected to globally. The Trump Administration had once stopped sending aid to the Israeli until the recent financial crisis. The summit is intended to improve democratic practices among nations.
From Europe, Hungary was not invited by the Biden government due to the "unknown issues". The summit of democracy will be starting from the 9th and 10th December. Almost 110 democratic countries have been invited to the summit. Many of them including Pakistan are expected to not participate due to the absence of its allies China and Turkey and the presence of Israel.

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