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What are the five most banned authors?

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 When it comes to censorship and banning books in history many factors go into this decision. Some factors have to do with the content being offensive or objectionable for some reason. Some factors have to do with how many copies are being sold or that it is simply unpopular with certain groups. The authors on this list might not be popular but they should not be banned because their work should not be evaluated by one perspective but by multiple perspectives.

The most important thing to mention about censorship is that it is never a successful measure for controlling speech and expression, and often has the opposite effect, showcasing the material it is trying to hide. Books are one of the main forms of expression in modern society. Books have always been controversial in some kind of way, be it in their content or their language. Some books have been banned because they were seen as being obscene or immoral. Others were banned because they were seen as threatening governmental authority.

The banning of books has been around for centuries. As society evolves, the types of books that are banned also change.

Banned author

The most well-known example of censorship is the book burning during World War II. Joseph Goebbels, who was Hitler's minister of propaganda, orchestrated the burning of over 20,000 books in the 1930s. That list included works by some well-renowned authors as well as leftist philosophers including the greats like Jack London and Albert Einstein.

The following are the most banned authors of this century, who faced censorship in many ways and became victims of ban culture in this century.

1)- Sherman Alexi

The American novelist faced several controversies after publishing his book "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian" in 2007. The author received mixed kinds of positive and negative responses in the feedback. The novel is available in the market but the Author is still the centre of headlines after multiple women accused him of sexual harassment in 2018.

2)- Jazz Jennings

The LGBT activist, Transgender, and American Author Jazz Jennings's book "I Am Jazz" was challenged by a Christian nonprofit council in Florida. The book had an LGBT theme. The conservative groups found it offensive and tried to challenge it in the court.

Many NGOs and activists came forward asking the right group to teach tolerance and accept everyone. After the successful campaign, this book is available in the market and won some top-level awards.

Zulkaif Riaz

3)- Zulkaif Riaz

The Pakistani writer Zulkaif Riaz was banned on Social Media. He has been accused of writing a book about "Burhan Muzaffar Wani", the late militant commander. It has been alleged that the book incited violence and was banned from being available on Amazon.

He is now censored from promoting his book on Social Media, adding posts about it, and even posting the book cover. The ban came as a result of Facebook's censorship regarding different violent personalities.

4)- Jay Asher

Getting inspiration from a relative's suicide, Jay Asher wrote the novel "Thirteen reasons why". The story revolves around the suicide of a high school freshman explaining the 30 reasons, why she commits suicide.

Despite being the New York best seller book for years, it faced censorship and is one of the most banned books in the United States. A Netflix series is also released based on this book.

5)- Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar

The Indian writer faced court challenges when the government of Jharkhand banned his book "Adivasi Will Not Dance: Stories". He also lost his job. It was accused that the writer has tried to defame Adivasi women and the Santhal culture.

After the court orders, the ban was lifted the following year and the writer got his job back after a couple of months of lifting the ban.

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