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Turkey, a new addition on the FATF grey list

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 Financial Action Task Force (aka FATF) has added Tukey to the grey list. FATF grey and even blacklists countries for funding terror groups and not taking strict actions against money laundering.

On the other hand, Pakistan is still waiting for its response since 2018. FATF has again decided to keep Pakistan on the grey list. Although Pakistan has taken several actions on suggested matters.

The newly formed, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan under the Taliban's government may also face these problems in future. FATF has shown serious concerns over there. In a recent incident, tons of drugs were found in India. Even after the disclosure of the matter to the media, they succeed in covering up the evidence of the Indian trafficking network in Afghanistan.

Other than Turkey, two other Muslim majority countries Jordan and Mali have also been greylisted. Turkish media has claimed this move, the politically motivated inappropriate act. One of Turkey's leading media outlets TRT has called FATF a weapon of Coercion for the west.

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