Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, speaking at the OIC World Media Press Conference | News updates - South Tribune

Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, speaking at the OIC World Media Press Conference | News updates

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Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan talking to OIC World Media 

People in the future will be stunned to hear that individuals of that time were mishandling Imran Khan for the sake of prophethood and honor. Imran Khan was quick to battle the conflict of honor everywhere. The main head of the Muslim world who previously represented the Holy Prophet (PBUH) at the United Nations Without precedent for the historical backdrop of the United Nations, a Muslim chief was seen disclosing to the world how close our darling Prophet (PBUH) is to our souls. When you individuals affront them for the sake of opportunity of articulation, how do blades deal with the chests of one and a half billion Muslim populace? He was telling the world that how about we apply the law to the entire world after which no nation could do something like this.

He was the main Muslim pioneer to utilize strategic strain to compel the Netherlands to drop a sketch challenge. He was the main agent head of the Islamic world to talk at the OIC interestingly. I wish I could one day address the Muslim chiefs and persuade them to meet up and apply a law to the entire world for the Holy Prophet. At the point when he was attempting to utilize political relations to force the law of honor all in all world, individuals of his own nation were considering him a foe of the finish of prophethood. He was requiring a finish to discretionary relations, which he used to record his dissent against rudeness.

This country was questioning the confidence of the one who was battling against Islamophobia in the worldwide discussions. He was let the world media know that illegal intimidation and Islam steer clear of one another. He was the main bold pioneer to sit in Europe and differentiate between jihad and psychological warfare. The pioneer who spread the opinions of Muslims from one side of the planet to the other. 

The antiquarian will compose this pioneer, who battled in worldwide discussions for the honor of the Prophet, the most persecuted individual ever, who regardless of this was persevering through the maltreatment and disparagement of his own compatriots. The gatekeeper of the Prophet's honor was being known as a dictator and a Jewish specialist.

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